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ANTIBRYCK Ammunition is a special type of weapons ammunition primarily used by the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance against Bryckster forces. Developed by Patriot Industries, ANTIBRYCK has become a staple of the E.N.A's military armaments catalogue and is currently being rolled out for use in the Earthern Military.

Developed as a multi-national project, ANTIBRYCK bullets possess the ability to penetrate Bryckster armour better than most conventional bullet types making them ideal for battling Bryckster forces.


Development on the ANTIBRYCK project began in 2015 following a joint-national discussion regarding optimising warfare against the Brycksters in future wars. Leading the project was the American defense contractor Patriot Industries in collaboration with the German ammunition manufacturer AdlerAugen AG. Using recovered Bryckster bodies, its developers began creating a special type of bullet that could penetrate the Bryckster metal. Unlike conventional metals such as steel and titanium, Bryckster metal has unique properties such as an incredibly high melting point, and a very high tensile strength making it difficult to bend even with industrial machinery. After 6 months of work the project had not yielded any viable results leading to a drop of support of the project. However, during a testing session German and American engineers Hans Schmidt and Peter Greenlane discovered that when the metal is impacted at a high speed at a certain frequency, the metallic lattice breaks to allow the object to pass through. The reasoning behind this is unknown and it is believed that it stems from some kind of failsafe system involved in Bryckster soldier production.

Substantial progress following the discovery led to renewed faith in the project, and by late 2016 the first ANTIBRYCK bullet prototypes were ready. These bullets were shaped specially so that when they impacted the metal the collision would generate the required frequency allowing successful penetration. Testing showed successful results and the ANTIBRYCK ammo had a 65% better penetration rate than standard human ammo. In 2017 the ammunition became commercially available and shortly after Patriot Industries signed a 100 million credit defense contract with the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance, which continues to remain their biggest customer. Since its creation, the ANTIBRYCK line has grown to accomodate different bullet callibers and types, making it useful for sniper rifles as well as shotguns and pistols.


ANTIBRYCK bullets generally come in a dark-grey colour with a red band around the circumference of the bottom of the bullet. One standard 5.56*45 round is 4 inches tall. ANTIBRYCK bullets are iconic for their unique curved shape and spikey head.

When the bullet comes into contact with Bryckster metal at high speed, the frequency generated by the collision between its head and the metal generates a special frequency which lowers the strength of the metal. It is believed that during the production of Bryckster soldiers, the metal is placed through a high frequency emitter while robotic machines bend the metal into shape.