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Artor Kozlov, known better by his callsign Keystone is the Executive Officer of Sentinel Company and a famous war veteran, well known for his participation in the rise and fall of the People's Union of Soviet Republics as well as the Baltic War.

Within the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance, he is highly respected and is considered one of the most veteran and experienced men in the entire organisation.


Artor was born to a middle class family in the outskirts of Moscow. His father was an analyst working for the government and his mother operated a small flower business. Growing up, Artor was a very keen and motivated child, participating in many events for children hosted by the Communist Party. He eventually became a Pioneer in the Komsomol and moved up the ranks. However when he was offered a place to work in the government he declined and instead decided to pursue a military path, in honour of his late grandfather who fought in Berlin during the Second World War. His high marks and general versatility, as well as loyalty to the state assigned him to the Spetsnaz. His training formally finished in 1984 and he fought in the Soviet War in Afghanistan until 1988 when he was injured during a military scouting mission. He was reassigned to the Tamanskaya Division as a senior officer helping to reorganise the unit. In 1991 he authorised the Division to participate in the Soviet August Coup, helping the KGB to retake control of the State. In the outbreak of the Baltic War, he became one of the primary leaders of the invasion forces helping to coordinate strategy.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, Kozlov continued to work for the Russian military as an advisor until the formation of the United Earth Republic. He was transferred to the Earthen Army as an Executive Officer of the First Russian Paratrooper Division until he volunteered to join the newly formed Earthern-Niraxian Alliance and became Executive Officer of Sentinel Company under the command of Nikriontra Sydona.


Artor is an elderly, muscular, man of average height. He has short, greying hair which is covered by his red ENA beret. He dons a mustache and goatee and has stubble on his face. Artor usually wears a navy blue officer's uniform and black dress shoes. Artor also wears a grey shirt with cargo pants and army boots.


Artor is a rather quiet man and usually is not sociable. He is quite menacing around others and has a sense of authority and prestige. He can usually stare anyone down if he so pleases to assert his dominance.


Artor is known to have a thick Russian accent, however can speak English fluently.