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Ashiroth the Wicked, formerly known as Legate Ashiroth is a powerful mage, serving in the League of Diabolus. During the era of the Order, Ashiroth climbed up the ranks, becoming the Council Grandeur's final Legate. During the Order Civil War, Ashiroth sided with Polaris, aiding in the Fall of the Order.


Ashiroth was born on the world of Colleda I. At a young age Ashiroth demonstrated key leadership abilities, however his positive attributes were masked by his sometimes violent desire to solve problems by force.

Ashiroth began displaying key competencies in Darkis magic, namely blood magic. His strong abilities quickly earned him a fearful reputation and Ashiroth gained a following participating in local magic battle tournaments. However after a successful streak, he quit and was selected by the Varu people to serve as their representative in the Council Grandeuer, thus beginning his political career.

After serving in the Council for sixty years, he ascended to the position of the Legate, who presided over the Council as a whole. With the commencement of the Order Civil War, Ashiroth used his position to sabotage the Order's ability to manage its forces, and later declared allegiance to Polaris. His efforts in destroying the Order made him a valuable asset, and he became a member of the League Of Diabolus's inner circle.


Evidently his personality resembles his name; He is wicked, extremely violent and always tries to solve most confrontations with force. He is at most times easy to negotiate with but only for his own entertainment.



Ashiroth specializes in Blood magic and can cause extreme pain and suffering to his adversaries. He has killed many prophets and descendents and was instrumental in organizing the lower leagues and syndicates.