Gen IV

Brickster Storm was the first novel of Generation IV and the first in the 7 United series. It was written and published in 2011.

The plot of Brickster Storm revolves around its protaganist, Jay Freeman as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his friend Nikriontra Sydona while trying to remember the coordinates to a Brickster facility that housed their ultimate weapon to destroy all organic life.

Brickster Storm was later rewritten and a second version renamed Bryckster Storm (to fit into the reorganisation of the Wildguys Universe) is currently in the works. It features a new story and plot and is the first novel in the Gen V Descendant of the Prophet series.


Jarod Freeman's life changed when he meets an alien named Nik. After four years of surviving conflict after conflict, one villain decides to end it all. If they don't do something the world will end as they know it.[1]



  • The narrative of Brickster Storm was heavily influenced and based on the campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Because of this, Brickster Storm was redone and its plot changed to accomodate newer and original stories.
  • Only two physical copies of the original version of Brickster Storm exist, one Limited Edition and one Regular.
  • Brickster Storm was written alongside the production of Cold Dream which was a companion video game taking place during the events of the novel.
  • It is the only post-Gen III piece of fiction that has been officially published.


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