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Gen V

Descendant of the Prophet: Dreamwalker, shortened to Dreamwalker is an upcoming science fiction fantasy RPG developed by Wildguys Productions for the PC. Set in Generation V, Dreamwalker tells the story of Jarod Freeman and his alien friend and warrior hero Nikriontra Sydona.


Descendant of the Prophet: Dreamwalker is a Fantasy/Military Space Opera set in a universe where man has conquered the stars and established peace with the Niraxian Empire.

In this Epoch of science, technology, peace and the rule of Law, none foresaw the reemergence of Magic, Cults and the Dark Arts. Alas, with this reemergence, a malevolent God from beyond the Inanium calls forth his most dangerous subjects with one goal in mind; bring the Milkyway Galaxy to heel.

This malevolent God is known to all as 'Polaris' and his subjects the 'League of Diabolus'. With centuries of meticulous planning and organization, they mobilize a speartip with three surgical strikes. First was bringing down Earth's Colonial defenses; second was ceasing control of the Borderworlds; and thirdly, securing the location of a Quantum Gate. With only a few steps left, Polaris would surely succeed.

None would stand in the League's way... None except a Dreamwalker.

This is where you come in. Your Mission is to assemble a team powerful enough to stop the League dead in their tracks. You will have many weapons, tools and individuals who will help you to achieve this goal.

...If you achieve it.


Dreamwalker had initially begun life as a video game based on the previously published short story Cloak And Dagger Date. It was meant to oriented toward exploration and interactions, utilising an in-depth relations and interaction system nicknamed PICS (Personality Integrated Chat System.) Every NPC in the game would have personality traits that you could scan down and appeal to using a traitscanner.

After a period of hiatus, the project was picked up again. The PICS system was dropped in favour of a more action-oriented RPG. The project was renamed to Dreamwalker and replaced the stagnant Descendant of the Prophet novel series as the flagship of the Wildguys Universe. While taking references and inspiration from previous Gen V source material, Dreamwalker's plot will be built from the ground up.

It is the first serious attempt at making a WG video game since the cancellation of Cold Dream several years prior. It is being developed on the RGSS3 engine and will be a top-down tactical role-playing game.

Further Information

Regular updates on the game can be accessed on the Wikia Development Blog here and through our Discord server, which will be available soon.