Invasion of the Garbage Bins simply known as Garbage Bins is the first of a two-part Gen III comic series and is written and illustrated by Jarod Francis in collaboration with Nikita Shcheglov. The comic stars Nik and Jay facing off against an army of personified garbage bins. The comic's sequel, Garbage Bins Part II was coloured contrary to the uncoloured nature of Part I.

Plot Summary

The comic begins by introducing the two main characters, Nik and Jay. Subsequently, Nik show's Jay his brand new spaceship he had just recently build. As Nik was explaining to Jay how the spaceship operated, both of them failed to notice the huge tub of nuclear waste sitting on top of Nik's ship. when Nik finishes his long explanation, they lift off and fly over Auckland.

To their misfortune, the tub of radioactive waste pours over the city of Auckland. The City, seemingly over-encumbered with Garbage Bins are exposed to the radioactive waste. In effect, the radioactive

waste mutates the bins into 'Big', 'Stinky' and 'Evil' apex predators. As one might suspect, the bins began causing havok and destroying the city.

Just as Nik and Jay flew over the city, a Garbage Bin clings onto their ship and begins eating into it, thus making them crash. The book draws to a close as the reader is to engage in 'Mr Cheezy Animation' Which is essentially Dav Pilkey's copyrighted 'Flip'o'rama'. a Garbage Bin breaks the fourth wall and says "Fresh, meat let's eat!"


At the time of when this comic was created, Nik and Jay were inspired by the Captain Underpants book series by Dav Pilkey. Jarod Francis' favourite book was Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets. Invasion of the Garbage Bins is -of course- a blatant rip off of said book.


  • Like most Gen III comics, Grumpy and Techno are nowhere to be found.
  • Like in most early Wildguys comics, the pages are all riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.