Jarod, known as Egg-head Jay was the protagonist alongside his companion, Stick-Figure Nik. Egg-head Jay went on various adventures with Nik, mostly as an observer, often making strange comments and doing odd and irrelevant actions in relation to situations at hand. With that said, Egg-head Jay had no real distinguishable personality traits or interesting dialogue to be considered a pivotal character in the Generation I comics. This changes however from Generations III to V, where his roles in the comics and stories are much more important.


Egg-Head Jay first appeared on a poster containing the Wild guys logo. On the poster, Jay is seen smoking a cigarette and running away from a cop in a city alleyway. Jay is seen wearing a baseball cap, black shorts and a black shirt. This picture was drawn by the founder and main artist of Wild guys. This caught the attention of the Co-founder and main writer, who then went on to make comics with the founder. Egg-head starred in comics such as 'Yay!', 'Space People', 'Space People II', 'Monster Lab', 'Haunted House', and 'Dinosaur Portal'. He also starred in lost works such as 'Titanic' and 'Alien Invasion'. According to the writers and artists of Wild Guys, there were many pages and unfinished comics which they starred in. Much like Stick-Figure Nik, Egg-Head Jay played no important role, other than being the star of the comics.


Egg-Head Jay is a young boy of average height, however has strange bodily proportions. He has short brown hair, a tanned complexion, black eyes and no nose. Egg-Head Jay wears casual clothing such as a T-shirt and shorts. On his feet are are a pair of black sneakers and white socks.

Notably, Jay has an odd shaped head compared to most humans; his head is shaped like an egg, as he does not have a neck, which is what gave him the name 'Egg-Head'.


Egg-Head Jay is a rather strange and random individual. He will often overreact to certain situations like freaking out upon witnessing a ghost or an Alien or monster. He takes on a more cartoon-like personality then his Generation V counterpart.

He is known for having a short temper towards his pet lizard Grumpy, often spouting 'Shut up Grumpy' as if it were some kind of catch phrase.


Egg-Head Jay is known to have the ability to change his size, as seen in 'Haunted House', where he fought a Giant mummy by growing in size at an exponential rate. He is seen growing to the size of a giant planet. Jay is also known to shrink in size. He had once shrunk to the same size as Grumpy.