Jarod, simply known as Jarod is one of the main characters in the Gen II series of comic books by Wildguys.


Much like the Gen I version of Jay, he was born in New Zealand and grew up in a house near Pigeon Mountain in Auckland City. Jay had a sister named Kim and a mother named Ingrid. Jay meets Nik for the first time in the Gen II comic 'Our Childhood'. Jay goes on many adventures with Nik such as 'The Cave of Bad Dreams' and 'Team up with Hard Hat'. Unfortunately a large number of generation II comics were lost, thus the only evidence of their adventures are vested in the aforementioned comics.

In the comics Jarod's appearance has changed drastically from a character with short hair and an Egg-Shaped head, to a young stick figure boy with a full head of hair. In one lost comic, Jay finds himself trapped to a Squidy Rocket which propells itself into space. Subsequently, Jay is exposed to intense beams of radiation and mutates into a stick-figure like Nik.


Jay is a young stick-figure boy with a full head of spiky hair and a cocky facial expression.


Unlike the Gen I version of Jay, this iteration is a much more charismatic, laid-back, lovable character. He can get distracted at times, but is generally a very cool character.


Jay is known to wield a Keyblade from Kingdom heart, as seen in Team up with Hard Hat comic.