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Gen V

The Karosmyr, full name Karan Osonik Myratn (English: The King's Honor Knights) is a secretive Niraxian organisation that serves many roles, namely as a secret police, counter intelligence gatherer and Spy agency, which uses illicit practices and channels to hunt down enemies of the Throne. They answer only to the King of Niraxia.

In modern times the Karosymr is a feared organisation and has come under scrutiny from other nations for its use of violence and illegal practices, especially on foreign nationals within Niraxian space that are accused of illegal activities that undermine the Niraxian Throne.

Karosmyr Agents are identified by their unique matte black armour and trenchcoat-like suit that covers their armour.


Following the formation of the Niraxian Empire at the end of the Pretender War, King Mehren feared that the other dynasties would not recognise Sydonan authority over the Throne and as such would fight to bring the Empire to an end. As part of his centralisation process he formed the Karosmyr which would infiltrate the other dynasties and ancient houses and report back to him. Due to their effeciency Mehren gave them greater power within the Empire eventually granting them freedom to operate throughout the administration of the Niraxian government.

Following the Revolutionary Crisis, recently crowned King Akriontra granted the Karosmyr power to arrest and execute every single member of the Niraxian Resistance. Since then he has relied greatly on the organisation.


The Karosmyr operate to ensure there is no dissent towards the Niraxian Throne and to keep the King's peace. They also audit all high-ranking Niraxian military officials and prominent Niraxians ensuring their loyalty to the Throne. Any Niraxian accused of purposefully spreading anti-Imperial propaganda or working to undermine the Throne's authority is immediately arrested by the Karosymr.

The Karosymr also investigate and protect people at the request of the King. For most of her life Princess Luciontra was followed and watched by the Karosmyr to ensure she would not establish long lasting friendships with other Niraxians.


Karosymr Agents are usually taken by the Karosymr at birth and are trained to fullfil their duties. Some Agents are also former soldiers and war heroes who don't wish to revel in the popularity of their actions. Once agents swear their oaths they are bound to the organisation until death. Breaking the oath results in execution or exile.

While most Karosymr agents are undercover, the rest wear the unique Karosmyr uniform which consists of a matte black armour and black trench coat. Their dark appearance has drawn criticism from many Civil Rights organisations, comparing their appearance to those of the Nazi SS.