Lizard School is a Gen III comic, written and illustrated by Jarod Francis in collaboration with Nikita Shcheglov. The comic stars Grumpy (Jay's pet lizard), Jay and Nik. Grumpy receives a letter from Lizard School, urging him to go back to continue his tuition.

Plot Summary

Lizard School starts in Nik and Jay's bedroom on Destiny Island. They wake up and Grumpy finds a note from lizard school, urging Grumpy to come back to continue his tuition. Annoyed by the news, Grumpy goes anyway. Nik, Jay and Grumpy take public transport consisting of a ferry, a train ride, a bus and a flight to get to Lizard School. When they arrive, Nik and Jay leave Grumpy to get settled into his new school. In the classroom, the teacher asks Grumpy to introduce himself. The comic ends with the classroom laughing at him for his name.


The Writer Jarod Francis wanted to create a story that starred Grumpy exclusively. He and Nikita decided to make a comedic story of how Grumpy would fit into a school enviroment where he will have responsibilities, deal with bullies, find a girl friend and engage in all kinds of school activities. At the end of the story, he was to pass the final exams and return home as a seasoned scholar. The second part of the story was not completed, thus never truly ended the Lizard School story arch.

During the Generation IV era, writer Nikita Shcheglov attempted a remake of Lizard School, but did not complete it. The remake was much more polished and had color as opposed to just pencil.


  • Nik and Jay's shirts constantly change throughout the entire comic.
  • Techno is seen on the front cover to the bottom right.
  • There are characters not actually seen in the comic on the introductory page; Grumpy's mum, Mr. Im Smart, Bully, Flower and Lizzy.
  • There are multiple posters on the wall of Nik and Jay's bedroom that reflect Jarod and Nikita's interests at the time of writing the comic such as James Bond, Ben 10, (Play Boy?), and the R-101 aerial disaster (seen on Nik's bedsheets as he sleeps like a baby).
  • On the back cover there is an advertised 'History Collection' which is an assortment of comics starring Jason and TJ (Nik and Jay's cousins) who get their hands on a time travel machine. The comics were completely pointless as there were no true historical dates, facts of proper events that take place; just vague enactments of historical events.
  • There was a planned continuation of Lizard school called Grumpy's revenge, which never came into existence.