Nikita known as Stick-Figure Nik was the protagonist, alongside his companion Egg-Head Jay in many of the Generation I comics. He want on many adventures with Jay, often serving as an inquisitive and somewhat mellow character.


Stick-Figure Nik was first seen in the 'comic book' 'Yay', a generation I comic consisting of absolute nonsense. After combining his world with Egg-Head Jay's to form the Combined World, he appeared alongside Jay aiding him in quests. He played a much more important role and starred in almost every Generation I comic on record.


Stick-Figure Nik is a young boy of average height, no hair, black eyes. As the name implies, He is simply a stick figure, as drawn by the original writer of Wild Guys.


Nik was a seemingly focused and rational character, as opposed to his counter-part Egg-Head Jay. He often pointed out situations that were of interest and/or benefit to him and his comrade. Stick-Figure Nik often had a very mellow expression, as he would very rarily be seen cracking a smile.


He shows signs of leadership, often directing his companion Egg-Head Jay in the right direction.