Nikita, known simply by his nickname Nik is the main protaganist, and is Jay's best friend. He has appeared in all Generation II comics including the lost Kingdom Hearts Crossover Story Arc.


Nik was born and raised on the planet of Niraxus, a planet far away from Earth. When he was 15, he travelled into outerspace on the search for interesting things and meeting new alien species. After crashing into Pigeon Mountain on Earth, he left behind a set of coordinates allowing Jay to follow him by constructing a home-made spaceship. After Jay fetches a special mask for him, Nik returns to Earth with him in human form where he assumes the identity of a Russian boy who immigrated to New Zealand with his parents.

Since then, he has appeared on many adventures with Jay, running into interesting characters such as Eig and Hard Hat and fighting all sorts of enemies including Powersurge's forces. He appeared in the Kingdom Hearts Crossover Story Arc.


Nik is a stickfigure of average height, seldom wearing clothes as he found them uncomfortable to wear at the disgust of others. He has red spikey hair consisting of three noticable spikes facing upwards.


Nik was relatively focused, often trying to keep him and Jay out of danger. As opposed to Jay, Nik was a reserved and straightforward character, often pointing out interesting situations and trying to educate his friend on various subjects. Nik always carried a mellow expression on his face, and sometimes showed happiness.


Nik was a highly intelligent person, often using a wide variety of handheld gadgets and computers in order to help him. He also had a complex knowledge of the Sacred Rings and their operations.