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The Niraki (Singular: Nirak) are a race of upright bipedal homonids native to Niraxus 7. They are widespread throughout the galaxy and are a well established species in the Orion Forum, well known for their contributions to science, philosophy and galactic history, as well as their powerful military.

With an average height of 2 metres, Niraki stand taller than the average human and most races in the galaxy. They are easily recognisable by their antennae and digitigrade legs.

The Niraki are distant biological descendants of the Yiodhar, a once powerful species instrumental in the formation of the Orion Forum and the early decades of galactic politics who went extinct in the aftermath of the First Galactic War.

Biology and appearance

Niraki possess a physique designed for hunting and long-term survivability in harsh conditions. Their digitigrade legs are natural shock absorbers, allowing them to jump from higher distances and land safely. Their abdomen is narrow and eventually opens up to a wide chest and broad shoulders. Niraki are a sexually dimorphic species, as males possess longer curved antennae and a wide chest, while females have small antennae and a more streamlined body. Niraki are mammals and possess similar reproductive organs to Genui.

Niraki possess four long fingers and three toes, which they often hide by wearing shoes.

Niraki facial features include a small sleek nose and large eyes. Hair grows primarily in the band of skin between the antennae, however can grow on other parts on the face for some. Niraki are a generally hairless species, relying on their tough skin to preserve heat instead.

Niraki become emotionally attached to partners with whom they are close with, forming a soul bond of a kind which traditionally is consumated by sexual intercourse. Once the bond is formed, it is taboo to break it.


Society and culture

Niraki in the galaxy

The vast majority of Niraki reside within the realm of the Niraxian Empire. Citizens of the Empire are referred to as Niraxians. However there exists a considerable population of Niraki living within the Central Systems Alliance who defected or fled the imperial regime. This population of Niraki, who consider themselves free of the Empire's influence, are a source of great tension between the Niraxian Empire and the C.S.A.

Some Niraki in the galaxy are listed below.