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Peter Ramsay, Also known as 'Butcher Pete' is a Harvard Graduate and medical practitioner recruited by the ENA in 2015. Peter was in the US army and served in the Afghanistan war from 2001 to 2006 and recieved honours by the American Army for his services and bringing about the recovery of 38 wounded soldiers as well as bringing about recovery of wounded Afghani citizens.


Peter was born in Madison, Mississippi. He was raised in a wealthy family with 3 siblings including himself. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a Dentist. Peter went through private school and graduated with a GPA of 5.3 and did medicine at Harvard University. He completed his degree and worked in a local hospital as medical practitioner and nurse.

At the outbreak of the Afghanistan War in 2001, Peter was recruited by the US Army to be a medic behind the front lines. He got a taste of the war and eventually grew tiresome over time, so he was dismissed in 2006 to return to being a medical practitioner in the US.

The ENA gained an interest Pete's military history as well as his education, thus hiring him to be a Field Medic in 2015. Pete was originally placed in sentinel company 8 but was transferred to Sentinel Company One due to administrative purposes.


Peter is a tall, lean, middle aged African-American man with a trimmed haircut as well as a well groomed beard and goatee.

Peter will usually wear a button up shirt and sometimes a bowtie as well as Khaki pants. He dresses very much older than his actual age.


Peter Ramsay is a very calm and composed individual and is rather polite and supportive. Ramsay however has a hatred for carrying his wounded teammates by himself, and will often complain about it when ever someone says they are sick and or wounded.

Peter takes his job very seriously and dislikes incompetence. Despite his serious demeanor, he will joke around from time to time.


A very educated man and an inspiration to his peers. Peter comforts his team especially when tensions are high.