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The Steingah Assault Rifle formally know as the SAR-45 is an Automatic assault rifle manufactured by the German weapons manufacturer, Valker-Haas Arms Corporation.


It was first developed by weapon engineer Tobias Preiss and his team to create a multi-purpose service firearm in which was funded by the ENA. The production cost of the SAR-45 exceeded the ENA's initial budget of 70,000 dollars, thus only 2,300 were officially manufactured. The SAR-45 became the official service rifle after the retired C-46 Chimmera assault rifle. The SAR-45 became the staple Anti-Bryckster firearm used by the ENA in the Colonial Fringe War of 2017. The SAR-45 could house the newly developed ANTIBRYK ammo which had been developed circa 2015-2017.


The function of the SAR-45 ranges from close-quarter combat to medium long-range scenarios. It houses the commonly produced 5.56*45 NATO Round, making this contemporary assault rifle a versitile all-round assault rifle.

The center of mass of the weapon is more toward the user, allowing much greater mobility for close quarter combat. This can be adjusted by setting the center of mass more toward the barrel by extending the barrel and/or configuring the COM through the weapon's onboard computer.

The dual scope configuration allows the user to have access to a specially designed holographic sight as well as a digital ACOQ scope which feeds visual to the holographic

scope. If the user requires a greater range, the ACOG scope can come in handy too.

The SAR-45 houses 30 5.56*45 NATO rounds per clip (stock) but can also be swapped with an extended magazine or drum magazine.

Operating Mechanism


The SAR-45 has a built in computing module that adjusts the weapon's rate of fire to the variable set by the user's preference. There is also the option of a semi automatic configuration, burst fire with the option of changing the amount of bullets per burst and the option to change the hammer's velocity. Although this weapon is not gas operated, the gun does require proper cleaning and additional computing diagnostics after extensive use.

The SAR-45 houses a barrel that can be extended by the user if range is the primary focus. It is able to also switch sights between a holographic sight to an Powered ACOG scope with the flick of a button. When the ACOG scope is in use, there is a visual feed in the holographic scope, making it simple to use both scopes at once instead of one or the other.