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Sadiq Laden, known by his callsign Spectre is a soldier in the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance, serving as a highly skilled marksman in Sentinel Company. He joined the Earthern Army when he was 19. He was eventually assigned to the 13th Royal Earth Battalion. He eventually joined Sentinel Company after the E.N.A's formation.


Born in Hyderabad, Sadiq and his family immigrated to Manchester, England when he was six. Growing up, Sadiq enjoyed a relatively quiet and solemn childhood enjoying playing games such as chess. At school, Sadiq enjoyed working with computers and programming, thus pursued a career in IT. Sadiq joined a tertiary IT course and was given an assignment in his third year to help develop new military technology, which was the Super Soldier Simulation Program (3SP). He and a team of like minded individuals helped polish the program's infrastructure as well as helping calibrate the simulation's accuracy all-round. Over time, Sadiq's role as the tester and programmer near perfected the program, allowing for an immersive, realistic combat training situation that did not require weapons nor live ammunition.

Sadiq showed great finesse through the first test of the program and was offered and official invitation by the Earthen Army to undergo more extensive training. This led to his placement in the 13th Royal Earth Battalion, which did not serve in any major battles as of his induction into The Earthen Army.

Sadiq was later promoted to squad commander. His reputation grew increasingly over the duration of his time in the Army. The creation of the ENA caught Sadiq's attention, thus he signed up for the multi-government funded program. The ENA overlooked his progress and employed him into the E.N.A's Sentinel Company One upon it's inception in 2014.

Sadiq served in the Colonial Fringe War, taking on the role of Sentinel Company One's official Marksman.


Sadiq is a tall, mucular, young man of Middle-Eastern decent. He has short black wavy hair, a black beard, sharp nose and brown eyes. He wears a pair of prescription glasses, a dogtag, a grey army shirt, Cargo pants and black army boots.


Sadiq is well known for his quiet and reserved demeanour. Although he doesn't speak when spoken to generally, he has a remarkable attention to detail and is very vigilant. Because of his maturity and relative silence he is an often pleasant individual to hang around and is respected by everyone in Sentinel Company.

Sadiq is known to have severe motion sickness, especially in fast moving vehicles and drop ships.


Sadiq has excellent cognitive awareness and has good mental judgement, which is vital for his role as a marksman.

He has a knack for using long-range firearms, ranging from .50 cal Rifles, modified assault rifles (suited for long range) and mortars.