Gen V
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Shadowmyst, also known by its initials SM was an underground criminal group founded by Jeremy Freeman.


Originally created for the purpose of creating the Quantum Beacon, Jeremy Freeman was half-way through it's completion when he first met Noctis, a criminal who had left the Energis Coalition for greater pursuits. Jeremy convinced Noctis that he had much to gain by joining him in creating the Quantum Beacon. He was promised unimaginable powers and wealth. Noctis among the ranks recruited Brenka and Kharamin to join Shadowmyst. Shadowmyst operated through illegal underground channels as well as the galactic black market to acquire neccessary parts to finish the Quantum Beacon. Jeremy later recruited Kharamin Noctis and Brenka, former apprentices of Powersurge to help him with his plans.

After successfully completing the Beacon and deploying it on Ridge with Bryckster assistance, the group was disbanded after Jeremy Freeman's defeat at the hands of Jarod Freeman and the subsequent destruction of the beacon.

At its height, Shadowmyst was at the top of the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance's Most Wanted list, with a special task force dedicated solely to tracking its members down. The group inspired Jay to form his own group which would later become known as Sentinel 7.