Gen IV
Taron Jardae, known by his preferred name TJ is Nik's cousin. He appears briefly in Bryckster Storm/Gen IV.


.Much of TJ's history is shrouded in mystery, and how he came to Earth and what exactly sparked his interest in nazism is unknown, however it is alleged that he is a skilled fighter specialising in heavy weapon combat.

He makes a brief appearance in Brickster Storm where he catches Jay and Lucy about to kiss. He remarks on the awkwardness of the situation before getting bored and leaves.


TJ wears a custom heavy battle suit with red and black trim. He displays swastikas on his armour and weapons, and wears a Pickelhaube used by a former Nazi soldier.


TJ is highly volatile and very aggressive, with a short temper. Despite this, he gets along with his friends and associates. He is a fond supporter of right-wing ideology notably nazism.


TJ is a skilled warrior who specialises in heavy weapon combat. His weapon of choice is a modified plasma blaster which he named 'Nazikanone.' TJ was planned to be a playable character in Cold Dream.