Gen II

Team up with Hard Hat Part I simply known as Hard Hat is a Gen II comic written and illustrated by Jarod Francis and Nikita Shcheglov. It stars Nik Jay and Hard Hat. Hard Had is one of the few Gen II comics that were not lost in the Wildguys catalog.

Plot Summary

Team up with Hard Hat starts with Nik and Jay flying a C-130 Hercules across the desert. To their misfortune, the propellars on the plane fail due to sand obstructing the engine. The plane plummets to the ground, luckily the crash does not harm Nik or Jay. With the use of their PSPs, Nik finds that there are no waterholes nearby.

Stranded, the boys decide to camp the night in the desert, accompanied by their Playstation portables and a soapy love flick.

They soon find that they are not alone, as the Heartless from Kingdom heart invaded their camp. They fought the heartless, but were not succeeding, so they hid inside their camper van, which was dug into a sand dune. once they recovered, Jay went outside to finish the heartless off. Nik on the other hand trips on something rather peculiar; A construction helmet. The Helmet then comes alive and introduces himself as 'Hard Hat'.

Hard Hat is found to be a very hospitable character, as he introduces his entire family to Nik and Jay. There is Fez Hat, Propeller Hat, Top Hat, Baseball Hat, Bowler Hat, Sombrero Hat, Beret Hat and Fruit Hat.

The following day, Hard Hat teams up with Nik and Jay to fight off more Heartless.

The comic ends abruptly, as Nik and Jay apollogise for the comic being seperated into two parts. The comic book begs the reader to buy the next iteration of 'Team up with Hard Hat', presumably called 'Team up with Hard Hat Part II'


Team up with Hard Hat is a comic that pays homage to the PC games Hard Hat I, Hard Hat II and Hard Hat III. Although the level designs and bosses are almost the same as the Megaman games, it's protagonist -hard hat- replaces the Megaman sprite. At the time when Nikita and Jarod were at school, there were two computers in the whole school that had the games installed on them. Nik and Jay were so imspired by it, that they created this Gen II comic.

Unlike most comics, this one was done with pen, as opposed to pencil.


  • The Heartless are enemies seen in the video game series Kingdom Hearts.
  • On the back cover there are two aliens which are similar to the Aliens from The Simpsons tv show.
  • In the camper van on page 5, there are halloween costumes; A ghost and vampire costume. These are references from Trick or Treat, a Gen I comic.