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The Capitol Reserve Bank colloquially known as Capitol Reserve is an American owned monetary conglomerate maintaining branches globally from the Americas, Western Europe, Far East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It is the 3rd largest banking establishment globally. All Branches of The Capitol Reserve are exchanging their present-day currency to the newly implemented Galactic Credit.


Founded in 1896 by Butch McConnell in the city of Brooklyn, The Capitol Reserve Bank was sponsored by Butch's father, George McConnell who "Gave [Butch] a small loan off 1000 dollars" to get the bank off the ground. From that point on, local citizens subscribed to it's services as well as taking out small loans.

Expansions grew to the midwest as well as California around the 1910's forming a small empire of Capitol Reserve banks and subsidiaries sweeping the nations. Many local and foreign investors from Italy and Jerusalem boosts the Capitol Reserve's expansion. Butch McConnell in turn invests in small local businesses to help out the community.

In 1823, Butch McConnell's career as the chief executive officer comes to a screeching halt as he had died of a cardiac arrest. Butch's daughter Marie McConnell takes over as Chief Executive Officer and continues her father's legacy throughout the 21st century.

In 1974, The Capitol Reserve bank goes international, as banks are erected in major cities such as Toronto, Quebec, Alberta and Ontario in Canada. In a few western countries like the United Kingdom, France, Italy Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand established Capitol Reserve Banks and other such Subsidiaries.

It was only until the 2000s that Asia opened it's doors to the American market as well as other franchises and establishments. In effect, The Capitol Reserve Bank opened in developed countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

To this day, The Capitol Reserve bank stands as the 3rd largest bank globally.