The Century Blade is said to be one of the most powerful swords ever created. It is also one of the weakest, as it has no actual blade.

The Century Blade is infact a sword handle with a hole in the middle of it. The hole is designed to absorb magic energy from the users palm channeling the energy into a crystal on the pummel of the blade. The user is able to 'ignite' the blade with any such magic they wish, materializing a blade or type of weapon out of the actual handle itself. Some magic is unstable and requires lots of energy from its user to be used for prolonged periods of time.

Blade types


  • Aquato - Water hose (water pressure and force determines damage)
  • Luxius - Torch/flashlight (Brightness can cause temporary blindness)
  • Bullum - Bubble geyser (Not lethal)
  • Ventunis - Wind (Enough force can propel user or objects with enough pressure)
  • Terrasis - Rock that can create a rock Mace or morning star
  • Pulvusis - Sand (With enough force can make a sand jet or sandstorm if spun around the user head)
  • Exeduntum - Acid (Can be.....)
  • Magnasis - Sound/vibration (Can be used to shake objects / create music)
  • Metallum - Metal (Can make an actual blade that can be replenished by ejecting the blade. Blade shapes can range from a Katana blade, Greatsword, Rapier, Scimitar etc)
  • Vestibulumis - Gas (can choke out a room)
  • Plazmasis - Plasma energy (Can be made into a plasma sword)
  • Electrosis - Electric energy (With enough energy can be turned into a powerful electric blade. Can also be used as a tazer. Can also be used to power things)
  • Igniumis - Fire (Flamethrower, flame blade)
  • Cosmosis - Cosmic (Beam of magic energy)
  • Vitaea - Organic/biological (Can be used to make a whip)
  • Frigorum - Ice (Can be used to stick to surfaces with ice)
  • Impetusis - Explosion (Extremely dangerous, can shoot a bolt of explosive energy)