Gen I

The Lab is a gen I comic written and illustrated by Jarod Francis and Nikita Shcheglov, starring the main characters Nik, Jay and Grumpy. It was an experimental comic with a simple plot and a poor attempt at horror.

Plot Summary

The lab starts with Nik walking on the sidewalk, in what's presumably Auckland city, holding a shrunken version Jay. Grumpy is on a leash flying and acting like a dragon. Jay asks if they were going to try and reverse his shruken state, and Nik confirms that they are.

They arrive at 'The Lab' to find a hunch-back man (Igor) and his Master, who has a jar with a brain on it. They are instantly hostile towards the boys and the Master begins firing pieces of brain matter at the boys from the glass jar. However, Jay manages to find a shrink ray and reverses the effects.

Grumpy on the other hand initiates a self-destruct sequence in the lab, prompting everyone to evacuate. The Master's brain suddenly flies out of the jar, instantly killing him.

As the facility collapses, the comic draws to a close with Nik and Jay flying out the facitily with jetpacks.


This comic was done in Nik and Jay's year 4 class during reading time. The teacher began to get annoyed with Jarod and Nikita because of the fact they were making comics during reading time.


  • At the end of the comic, there is a small drawing of a portal with the words 'The Dinosaur Portal' in reference to the follow up story to The Lab.
  • The lab is one of the shortest comics ever produced in the Gen I era, aside from 'Yay' which is not considered a comic.