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This article concerns a real publication, series or media that has been scrapped. Some cancelled publications may be accessed and read via the Publications page.

Gen V

Vanguard is the third and final novel of the Vanguard book series. Carrying on from where Silent Dreams left off, Nik, Jay, Lucy and Ralph go aboard the luxurious HMS Vanguard for a cruise.

Vanguard is divided into four chapters, with each chapter being a new day onboard the ship.

Development on Vanguard was eventually dropped in favour of Descendant of the Prophet. Though it is still considered a part of Generation V, its definitive place is not yet known. Vanguard, together with its parent story arc remain in limbo. The unfinished version may be read on the Wikia's Publications page.



Vanguard starts with Nik, Jay, Lucy and Ralph inside the Earthen Capitol's famous bar. There, they receive medals due to their actions in the previous novel Silent Dreams. While talking, they decide to go on a cruise and board the HMS Vanguard for a five day cruise.


Vanguard came about as a roleplay carried out on the Garry's Mod sandbox game. After the surprising success of the roleplay, its creators decided to adapt it into a novel with production starting in mid 2016. Following this, Cloak And Dagger Date was recompiled and became a prequel, forming the Vanguard series. Silent Dreams was announced shortly after and takes place between CaDD and Vanguard.